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Our curators rate each song you submit on writing, production and mixing (from 1-10) and give you the according feedback. We start at 3.5 US$ per submission and go up to 7 US$ depending on how much feedback you want!
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Important, read before applying
Joining our reforestation program means you'll be dedicating a small part of your streaming income to reforestation projects. The minimum amount is donating the streams you get from our playlists to reforestation projects. You can also raise more and we can work together on ways to support your personal goals! At the moment we can't accept everyone, as we have limited working force and capacity to help artists (individually). Please check the genres available on our playlists before applying. Artist partnering with us are also supported on social media, with regular mention and posts, and will also get a profile on our website!
If you’re accepted, we will use this fee for the admin we have to add a new artist. If you’re not accepted we will use the majority of this fee for reforestation and a small part for our admin to be able to go through and generate feedback for your application.
What are you waiting for? Apply below now to change the world with your music!
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